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Generation Three

6. HENRY3 ADKINS (John2, Amos1 Atkins) was born after 1796 in Halifax, Virginia. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Overfelt before 1825; The Bible record says Overpelp but that could easily be Overfelt. He died in 1868 in Round Prairie Township, Callaway, Missouri.
He There is some question whether this Henry belongs in this family but I will leave him here until proven otherwise.
ELIZABETH "BETSY" OVERFELT was born in 1805 in Virginia. She died in Callaway, Missouri.
Known children of Henry3 Adkins and Elizabeth "Betsy" Overfelt were as follows:

7. PLEASANT3 ADKINS (John2, Amos1 Atkins) was born circa 1800 in Virginia. He married Mary "Polly" Freeman, daughter of William Freeman and Sarah Parker, on 2/25/1825 in Franklin Co.,, VA; There was no marriage listed for him in the Bible records. However, I have this record: Marriage bonds from "Franklin Co., Virginia Marriage bonds, 1786-1858: Atkins, Pleasant and Polly Freman, Feb. 28, 1825. Sur. Jabez Snow. He died between 1843 and 1850; I don't have a confirmed date for Pleasant's death but their last child was born about 1843 and he was no longer with the family in 1850 census.
Pleasant Adkins made payment on a land grant in Lawrence Co., OH. Nov. 5, 1835 --- SW quarter of the NW quarter of section twenty eight in Township 2N, Range 17 W, in the District of Sands. Containing 43.80 acres. When I first found this I wasn't sure that this was my Pleasant Adkins but I found later court records showing that one of his children sued others of the children and forced a sheriff's sale of this same piece of property.
MARY "POLLY" FREEMAN was born circa 1800 in Virginia. She died in 1851 in Lawrence Co.,, OH; Death date isn't documented. Family members say 1847 but I found her and her children listed in the Fayette Twp., Lawrence Co., OH census in 1850.
Known children of Pleasant3 Adkins and Mary "Polly" Freeman were as follows:

8. JAMES3 ADKINS (John2, Amos1 Atkins) was born in 1800 in Charlotte,, Virginia. He married Polly Kinnett on 10/25/1825 in Franklin Co.,, Virginia; Records from an old family Bible were transcribed by the ancestors of Cathy Kingcade interpreted Polly's name as Mary Burnett but I only find marriage records of James Adkins and Polly Kinnett, daughter of Zachariah Kinnett. Polly was a common nickname for Mary and I believe it would be possible to misinterpret handwriting and make Kinnett, Burnett.
POLLY KINNETT was born in 1810 in Virginia.
Known children of James3 Adkins and Polly Kinnett were as follows:

9. JOHN A.3 ADKINS (John2, Amos1 Atkins) was born on 5/8/1804 in Halifax county, Virginia. He married Susan Meador, daughter of James Meador and Mary Divers, on 10/6/1830 in Halesford, Franklin, Virginia; Documented in the Franklin County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, 1786-1858: Adkins, John and Susannah Meador, Oct. 6, 1830. Sur. Stephen Booth. This marriage was also listed in the Bible Records. He died on 8/24/1888 in Boydsville, Callaway, Missouri, at age 84.
SUSAN MEADOR was born in 1806 in Franklin county, Virginia. She died on 7/10/1897 in Fulton, Callaway, Missouri; Buried: July 1897, Millers Creek Cemetery, Millerscreek Methodist Chruch, Boydsville, Callaway Co., MO.
Known children of John A.3 Adkins and Susan Meador were as follows:

10. PATSY JANE3 ADKINS (John2, Amos1 Atkins) was born circa 1808 in Franklin Co., Virginia. She married Jourdan Praytor on 1/21/1826 in Franklin Co., Virginia; This daughter was called Patcy in the Bible Record and it said she married a Prater. I have a record for Jane Adkins marrying Jourdan Prayter. It is my beliefe that Patcy's mother's name was Patsy Jane and was called Ginsey. Then Patcy was named for her mother and called Jane and she used her middle name when she married. She married John Henry Underwood on 12/31/1838 in Franklin Co., Virginia.
Known children of Patsy Jane3 Adkins and Jourdan Praytor were as follows:
JOHN HENRY UNDERWOOD was born in 1818 in Franklin Co., Virginia.
Known children of Patsy Jane3 Adkins and John Henry Underwood were as follows:

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