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Generation Two

2. JOHN M.2 ADKINS (Amos1 Atkins) was born circa 1776; Born possibly in the Virginia Colony at Jamestown or Halifax County, Virginia. He married Patsy/Ginsey Lumkin, daughter of William Lumkin and Ann Courtney, on 1/23/1796 in Halifax, Virginia; This marriage record gave the Bride's name as Ginsey. Because of the record of a daughter Patsy who was married as "Jane", I believe that Patsy's middle name was Jane and thus the nickname "Ginsey". He died in Hales Ford, Franklin county, Virginia; Died at the age of 85 and buried in Franklin Co., VA. This information came from the Bible Records.
PATSY/GINSEY LUMKIN was born in Virginia. She died in Franklin county, Virginia; Died at the age of 75 years.
Known children of John M.2 Adkins and Patsy/Ginsey Lumkin were as follows:

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