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Descendants of Amos Adkins

Generation One

1. AMOS1 ATKINS was born circa 1740 in England. He married (--?--) Indian Woman circa 1758; It is believed by family members that Amos' wife was an Indian woman but to my knowledge there is no documentation for that.
He It is believed that Amos had a total of ten sons but John M. is the only one that we have a name for at the present time. He was Please read this to have some understanding of the thinking that I have done to make me conclude that these are probably my ancestors.

I am indebted to Cathy Kingcade for information taken from the writings of one of her ancestors for the early generations. I thank her and Linda Siekman for the information following the line of John A. Adkins. Pleasant, son of John M. Adkins is my ancestor through his son Pleasant Alfred. I thank Helen Holmes for much of the information on the descendants of William, brother of Pleasant Alfred.

The original Adkins records that were provided by Cathy Kingcade whose ancestors copied them from a family Bible in July of 1942 had much of this early information on the family. I have been able to document many of the marriages that were there listed. I have tried to give that documentation in the individual records. It seems to me that being able to cross check so many of the Bible records gives it a credibility that we can't ignore. I do not claim this to be absolute proof, and, those of us doing this research would like to find whatever other material that may be available. DMS.
Known children of Amos1 Atkins and (--?--) Indian Woman were:

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